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Designed by: AR Shakir

Hero Design for Cosmetic Store - Design for Adobe XD


Note: All images used in this template are for demonstration and may subject to copyrights. Please replace images with properly licencesed images once you copy/download the design.

Hero Design for Cosmetic Store - Adobe XD Resources

This template is available for Adobe XD

This Adobe XD file follows Shadow Trend, Simple Trend, Clean Trend, and Minimal Trend. If you want to design a website with any of Shadow, Simple, Clean, Minimal Trend, this template will help you a lot in getting started. Shadow web design trend, Simple web design trend, Clean web design trend, Minimal web design trend are very common now a days.

You can use this Adobe XD template for multiple industries. The common industries that can use this web design template are cosmetics,skincare,beauty Industry. If you are designing for any client from cosmetics,skincare,beauty industry, this Adobe XD Template will help you a lot in getting started really fast.

Good web or ui design is all about attention to details. Use of good icons icons and buttons is very important in designing of a website or app. It can bring the visible difference between a good user experience versus a bad one. For designers, finding a good user interface kit is like finding treasure.

This comprehensive Hero Design for Cosmetic Store featuring modular components will help you build better, consistent, high-quality design. Download free dashboard ui kit for banking. This free Hero Design for Cosmetic Store is avaialble for Adobe XD. This modern and free Hero Design for Cosmetic Store can be edited or customized in your favorite design tool ie Adobe XD.

It is easy to edit all the icons, colors and general styles of the elements. Just select the component you would like to edit, and change its style.

Starting a ui project from scratch can be difficult. Speedup your workflow when creating app designs with this free ui kit. This free will save lot of your time designing as compared to starting from scratch & it will help get the job done faster. Download any dashboard page in just a click.

Hero Design for Cosmetic Store is modernly crafted XD template which can be used for:

  • Wire-framing
  • Kickstart your Web Design project
  • Create prototypes
This figma file contains 1 page design.
How do I use this template?
You can either download the figma file by Clicking the download link and import it in your figma or you can click on Copy to Clipboard and directly paste in figma.
Can I use this template for multiple projects?
Yes. You can use it for multiple projects.
Is this template customizable?
Yes, you can easily customize colors, fonts, and layout to fit your needs.
Do I need a Figma account to use this template?
Yes, a Figma account is required. You can sign up for a free account on the Figma website.
Is there a refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of the product, refunds are not available.
What are the system requirements to use this template?
You just need an internet connection and a modern browser to use Figma and this template.

Premium version can be used by you or one client for one end product. Free version can be used for personal or education purpose only and can't be sold. You cannot resell or redistribute this template in its original or modified state.

Questions about this template? Just reach out to the and I will get back to you within 2 business days.






Use of Symbols/Components
Properly used components in the figma to ensure faster changes in the design.
Based on 1170px Grid
The template is based on 1170px grid.
Adobe XD Files
Adobe XD files are included in the download zip file for design.
Free Fonts Used
Free fonts from google or other resources.
Properly Grouped and Named Layers
All layers are properly grouped and renamed.